Residential Homes

Hartley Vale Care Home

Grove Court

“Award Design winner, Grove Court, designed by Architect Noble Hanlon of Design & Build Services, Nottingham, incorporates many of the fine features typical of the other Homes owned by the Elizabeth Finn Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to support and care for professional people and their families, who have fallen on hard times and either need financial assistance to help with extreme difficulties in their homes, or because their circumstances are such that they require care in a residential or nursing environment.

In creating the new home we have taken advantage of the latest in care home design and technology, creating an environment that will enable the multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic approach to patient care, whilst encouraging residents and patients to retain a high level of independence.

Choosing the right bed, we had to address a complex set of needs, which encompass those of both the occupants and operators. The three most important factors that influenced us to purchase the beds (60 in number):

1. Work related back pain in operators.
2. The tissue viability of the occupants.
3. The independence of the occupants.

Grove Court operates with a No Lifting Policy. Beds which help minimise manual handling reduce the danger of friction and correspondingly, the risk of pressure sores.

Independence is a major issue affecting quality of life of those receiving health care. Elderly and disabled people having the means to do things for themselves can grow in confidence and ability.”

Westminster Health Care

Bakare Beds have been supplied to Westminster Health Care to provide Care Beds in the Residential Home sector.

They have kindly forwarded the following recommendation:

“I would like to acknowledge the service that BaKare Ltd has given over these past two years. We have, in the main found their products to be of a good standard and have purchased, to date, approximately seventy BaKare beds within our homes. Their team provide a good response in terms of dispatch, advice or servicing equipment. BaKare are included in our preferred suppliers manual and we would not hesitate to recommend either their products or services.”

Director of Development, Westminster Health Care

Meldreth Manor

“Meldreth Manor is a residential school for young people with physical and learning difficulties. A multidisciplinary team spent considerable time in researching the types of specialist beds on the market, and eventually selected the Volker 2080e. The purchase of these beds has proved to be beneficial to both staff and pupils, and the quality of service from BaKare has been excellent.”

Scope, Meldreth Manor