Hospices require special features in addition to those found on normal nursing beds.

In the same token, the beds must carry the warmth and security associated with domestic beds so as to create a friendly ambience within the bedroom.

We cannot name all of the hospices we supply, as they cannot be seen to endorse any one supplier, however BaKare Beds have vast experience of dealing with Hospices across the UK, and are happy to work with you to select the most appropriate equipment for your situation.

We suggest that extra consideration be given to:

  • Centrally locking Castors/Wheels – for better transport
  • Air Mattress Friendly – sufficient side rail height to safely allow the use of an alternating air mattress
  • Anti-Stomach Compression – back section moves back slightly when raising
  • Trendelenburg/Anti Trendelenburg – tilting the bed to improve postural drainage or pressure relief
  • Battery Back-up – allows operation during power failures
  • Fully Profiling – infinite amount of positions help to maximise comfort & relaxation
  • Safety directives & specifications

For the full range visit our showcase page or contact us for hospice applications.