We offer specialist foam and alternating air mattresses designed to profile in line with the bed. Suitable for use within institutional environments and / or for users at risk of developing pressure sores, our mattresses are rated for Fire Retardation to BS7177:1996 Medium Hazard (Source 5) and comply with institutional insurance policies.

Our static foam and dynamic alternating air mattresses are suitable for those up to and including a managed high risk of pressure sores.

Our Medi-Pro® range of static foam mattresses are manufactured with firm side walls to prevent collapsing of the mattress sides & maintain stability in order assist clients bed – wheelchair transfers. They also have the unique option of interchangeable inserts meaning they are suitable for multiple usage scenarios where different levels of care are required.

Low Profile Air Mattress on Evo Nursing Bed

Low Profile Air Mattress on Evo Nursing Bed

If using an air mattress in an institutional environment, we recommend the use of a low profile Diamond full replacement mattress. This is because we often find that mattresses are transferred between beds, and unless the host bed has extended height side rails, serious injuries may occur. The Diamond mattress provides a solution to this by having a low profile height, meaning it can be safely & legally used on any bed with side rails conforming to BS EN 1970 standard.