Low Beds

Our low beds have been designed to benefit users vulnerable to falls from bed through the use of ultra-low undercarriages meaning the user can sleep at a very low surface height. Low beds are often recommended where the client is to sleep without the use of side rails.

Recent figures show that of 45,000 people aged over 65 years within one local authority, just over 1 in 3 will fall, 1 in 20 will attend hospital as a result and 1 in 40 will sustain a fracture. The average cost to health (NHS) and social care of a single hip fracture is £30,000.

BaKare Evo 400 Low Bed

Low beds are useful as part of a multi-faceted approach to reduce the risk of injuries from  falls from bed.

Split or full length side rails with conformance to BS EN 1970 may be fitted, which reduces the chance of falling out of bed.

For dementia patients where it is assessed as being a high risk of injury of falls, we often recommend the use of head end assist / side rails with protective padding.

BaKare’s low beds will adjust as low as 25cm above the ground and will rise to 82cm high. Many other low beds suffer from overly large footboards due to their design, making the user feel ‘boxed in’.

Our design is unique because they retain the standard footboard and appearance whilst offering true low bed and high bed range of height adjustment.