Full Cot Side Beds

Full length side rails (aka cot sides) drastically reduce the chance of falling out of bed. When not in use, the rails can be lowered below the level of the mattress to ensure they do not hinder the user transferring into and out of bed.

Optional triple side rails are available which would effectively allow a combined mattress height of nearly 7″, allowing mattress overlays or air mattresses below this height to be used safely with conformance to BS EN 1970.

Full-Length Side RailsIf using an air mattress, we recommend the use of a low profile Diamond full replacement mattress. This is because we often find that mattresses are transferred between beds, and unless the host bed has extended height side rails, serious injuries may occur.

The Diamond mattress provides a solution to this by having a low profile height, meaning it can be safely & legally used on any bed with side rails conforming to BS EN 1970 standard.

Benefits of Interchangeable Side Rails

Save Money and Reduce Risk

For operators of institutional care, interchangeable side rails represent tremendous initial and ongoing savings:

  • For residential care, purchase nursing beds with no side rails fitted, and benefit from less initial outlay.
  • For mixed residential and nursing care, purchase a mix of beds with side rails and some with none, and benefit from less initial outlay. When needs change, purchase more side rails when required.
  • Only purchase & use beds with side rails where required, meaning that operators and users are exempt from concerns regarding conformance with BS EN 1970 Safe Use of Side Rails.
  • Saves decontaminating and moving beds between different rooms where different levels of care are required. Why move the bed and mattress, when you only need to detach and move the side rails?
  • Manufactured from steel & wood, our side rails are securely attached to the bed frame, and therefore incredibly strong. They are fully weight bearing.

All of BaKare's nursing beds can be supplied with interchangeable side rails.