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24-Bed Dementia Unit Case Study

BaKare Beds provided 24 nursing beds to a new build dementia unit in Feb 2012. This case study shows how our client benefitted from our unique solutions. To view the case study, please visit our case studies page here.

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Why Use Low Beds?

Recent figures show that of 45,000 people aged over 65 years within one local authority, just over 1 in 3 will fall, 1 in 20 will attend hospital as a result and 1 in 40 will sustain a fracture. The average cost to health (NHS) and social care of a single hip fracture is £30,000. Lows Beds To Reduce The …

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Nursing Bed Side Rails, Safety and the Law

Introduction Bed side rails, also referred to as cot-sides, safety sides, and bed guards, are used extensively in the health and social care sectors to protect vulnerable people from falling out of bed and injuring themselves. They usually achieve this very successfully. However, there continues to be reports of entrapment of bed occupants, which have included fatalities of children and …

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