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BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 Standard for Beds for Medical Use

Description: Medical electrical equipment. Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of healthcare and hospital / medical beds.
Date Issued: 2010
Summary: From April 2013 every healthcare and hospital bed brought to the market after April 2013 must comply with the new standard. Beds that were produced before this date (and that are compliant with the EN 60601-2-38 and EN 1970 standards) can remain in operation and do not require modification to comply with the new standard.
This standard …

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Industry Experts

BaKare Beds have knowledgeable staff boasting decades of experience of assistive equipment, and it is our clients who often benefit from this. We are regularly called into organisations to provide training and guidance on existing equipment and also provide advice when our clients are considering replacing products. In an increasing regulatory environment, we can provide advice and training on how …

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Going Green (er)

I’m still unconvinced of the man-made global warming debate, but I do know that we’re all getting fed-up of cold, soggy summers down here, so in our efforts to reduce waste going to landfill and carbon emissions, BaKare Beds are doing our bit. We have just taken delivery of our new compressed air powered baler machine. The baler compresses paper, …

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